Film Music Competitions 2020

(Film / Orchestral)


I participated in multiple competitions in 2019/2020 (short movie, documentary, trailer, …) and even got nominated in the top 20 Finalist with Oticons Faculty and top 12 finalist with Score Live London . You can discover my entries below.



Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition 2020 – Top 20 Finalist !


Task 1 – Memorable Main Title


Task 2 – Heroic Music with String instruments only


Task 3 – Music composed based on a real film script (modern Bluebeard adaptation)



Score Live London 2020 – Top 12 Finalist !



Berlin International Film Music Composition – Based on a short animated movie Escape




Metatop Competition Produce This #44 – Based on the trailer of Metropolis Ark




Score the World 2020 – Based on a documentary on Amazonia




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