Particles (oboe) & Puzzle (18 recorders)

(Contemporary Music / Live)


Organized by the Conservatoire Populaire of Geneva, here are 2 pieces of contemporary music played at different occasions. Particles (2018) develops the use of the extended techniques of the oboe solo in a composition where the melody is slowly deconstructed before being reformed. Puzzle (2019) is piece written for 18 recorders (including the Paetzold flute) which is composed of 3 main elements from which items are randomly picked and played in order to always get a fresh and new result every time the piece is played.


Puzzle (18 recorders)

Concert at Lausanne, Switzerland (May 2019) :




Photos / Score / Flyers :




Particles (oboe)

Music School Exam interpretation (April 2019, Geneva, Switzerland) :





Score / Flyers :