Music Composition for Film (Berklee)

(Film / Orchestral)


Film music is mainly about emphasizing and conveying emotions to the audience. Music can influence a lot the way a scene is perceived depending on the instruments chosen, the tempo, the melody… Below are some music excerpts written for typical scenes from real movies grouped by genre. This is part of the online Berklee music program.

Excerpts focus on Epic, Futuristic, Action, Sad, Scary, Fantasy, Classical, Ethnic and Heroic music.


Trailer Music – Ancient War (Troy)





Action Music – Exfiltration (Iron Man)




Sad Music – Memories (Ahkeelah and the Bee)





Fantasy Music – Enchantment (Once Upon a Time)





Melancholic Music – Forever (Robin Hood)





Scary Music – Paranormal Activty (Iron Man)





Passion Music – Romance (Anne of Green Gables)





Futuristic Music – Intrusion (2012)





Horror Music – The Other Side (House of Usher)





Love Music – In Old Times (Sense and Sensibiity)






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